Hello Spring


There must be something in the air. I woke up refreshed, and ready to start the day. The sun was out, and a light pink was cast across the sky. It was so pretty. Spring has some strange power over everything. Its starting fresh, giving everything a new life. Here is a cute print form Holiday Printables. I love this printable, its realistic and a possible craft idea as well.



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Happy Hauntings!



Annual Witches Tea.



The first annual Witches Tea in 2012 was a hit and loads of fun. We hit a few bumps, like having no heat on our front porch, (I miss that porch. It was perfection.) we had too much tea and not enough wine (consistent problem until 2 years ago).  Other than that, It was a blast. The favors started off completely hand make, They were little jars of sugar scrub.  witches tea 2012

2012 tea party


2013 we decided to add other types of grub in. Something a bit more festive. And had people bring a snack with them. Problem #2: Everyone brings desserts!

1378502_10200665197657114_1589709355_n602286_10200665191656964_1781838918_nFavors got a bit more exciting that year as well. Champange for EVERYONE!!995211_10200665192656989_1248810249_n2013 tea partywitches 2013


2014 was a fun year and was our last year in our apartment. Houseparty gave us a tabasco  themed package that was a hit! The favors had mini hot sauces, foam fingers, and other surprises! It was a bit colder but we made it through!

2014 tea part 22014 witches tea.



2015 was the first party at our new house!! We had a whole room for food, the kitchen held the tea &  cider, people sat outside (so warm that day) our living room was filled with people. The only downside, our living room isn’t really “big” enough for a party like this. So planning it a bit earlier in October is the goal for 2017. So everyone has some serious room! Also, this was the first year with wine. We bought a sad amount of 4 bottles. Needless to say some witches flew to the store to grab some JUMBO sizes bottles.



Lots and Lots of themed food this year, along with costumes. My mother in law made a replica of THE book from Hocus Pocus. It was delicious. 2015’s problem: our tea party sign and solar lights. For some reason, the ladies I invite to my party are very much so the ladies people chat about when they say women CAN’T drive. It was ran over, backed over, hit three different times. After the last time we couldn’t even bend the sign back to normal. Sadly we lost a witch in 2016. Debbie loved my tea parties. She was always so energetic and so full of life. She will be missed and remember every year.

2015 1

2016 was a bit colder, so we couldn’t plan much outside. Also my dads camera broke as he was taking the group photo. For some reason, NO ONE took photos of the party, so we don’t really have much to offer. Our favor for 2016 was Poo-Brew. Our version of poo pourri.  As our list grows bigger the rooms get smaller. So hopefully 2017 is the year for good weather, a fire outside, and possibly s’mores. I cannot believe it’s been 5 years & 5 different parties.

Happy Hauntings!